Fintech Innovation Enabler

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The services we provide:

  • Enable organizations to integrate financial technology solutions
  • Develop new digital products and services
  • Create new sources of revenue for Banks
  • Make the most out of existing infrastructures and information system
  • Transform regulatory obligations into diversifications opportunities
  • Lead the journey to digital transformation
  • Bridge the gap between organizations and local eco-system startups
  • Integrate fintech technologies and models in sectors of the economy and society, such as tourism, agriculture, transport, public administration and many more.

Our Services for fintech — IT Solutions

OpenAPI portal & PSD2 Compliance

The PSD2 European directive instructs Banks to develop Open Banking APIs on top of their existing infrastructure, in order to collaborate with certified third party providers (TPPs) to create new fintech applications and added value services for customers. OpenAPI portals offer fast-track PSD2 compliance with API-driven architecture, based on open standards that promote interoperability such as the Berlin Group and Open Banking UK. Using state of the art technologies, financial institutions can offer their services in a secure way to fintech developers and startups.

  • Seamless integration with core banking and existing systems and services
  • Compatibility with Berlin Group & Open Banking UK
  • Tools for PISPs & AISPs
  • Authentication and security
  • API server supporting the implementation of digital wallets, tokenization, crowdfunding and loyalty

Bank bots

Chat bot is a service that works through Facebook Messenger or the website of an organization and provides citizens with automated information about local community and everyday life issues. Citizens can interact with the chat bot and get answers regarding their Municipality, useful information such as local authority telephone numbers as well as general information such as events, pharmacies or the weather. The service is based on Botakis technology and is used by public or private organizations.

  • AI intelligent bots — automated operations intranet & extranet
  • Helpdesk support
  • Payments, push notifications – Loyalty schemes & added value services


Crowd investing

The full value of fintech APIs can be developed with a properly designed Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides developers with the tools needed to develop new applications quickly and efficiently. Fintech SDKs extend the functionality of existing APIs act as a new platform for pilot applications, while reducing the cost of developing and maintaining new applications.

  • Equity — lend crowdfunding platform to support IPOs or small enterprises
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Integrated with existing information systems

Fintech SDK

In order to fully capture the value of fintech APIs, a well-designed Software Development Kit (SDK) can provide developers with essential tools to produce new applications more efficiently. Acting as a single hub of information for developers, fintech SDKs built on top of existing APIs can act as a new platform for case studies and application prototypes, while dramatically reducing development time and maintenance costs for new applications.

  • “Zero” code development and deployment
  • Compatible with existing APIs based on Berlin Group & Open Banking UK API standards
  • 10 dev frameworks supported (java, swift, android and more!)
  • Fintech POCs (wallet, chatbot, authentication)

KYC as a service

Financial institutions face challenges with their Know Your Customer (KYC) programs, as their regulatory requirements are increasing and the deprecated IT infrastructure struggles to manage large amounts of information. PSD2 Open Banking directive for example, requires extensive identity and regulatory checking of third party providers (TPPs) from multiple sources, which requires Banks to build new solutions to manage TPP validation. KYC-as-a-Service software extends the capabilities of financial institutions, without introducing changes in their existing model and processes. With distributed architecture, KYC software manages identification and regulatory checks in real-time, while increasing scalability and reducing costs.

  • eIDAS ready
  • Know your Customer and Know your Business!

Social Crowdfunding

The Crowdfunding platform is an innovative digital tool for collecting grants, donations and funds to develop and implement projects and initiatives of public or private organizations.

  • Donation crowdfunding platform to support CSR activities and match funding process
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Integrated with existing information systems

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