Funding/Grants Consulting

Get Access to European or Private Funds


Regional, national and supranational governments and institutions such as the European Union and the WorldBank allocate a huge amount of public funds (as grants or incentives). Furthermore a series of private funds are looking for promising investing opportunities to allocate their money.


Having a strong expertise in Funding and Grants Consulting both from public and private sources, we are here to support your financing needs and give you access to funds.


Public Funding Instruments

  • Grants (funding is secured ahead of a project’s launch)
  • Soft loans (loans are secured for projects that banks are reluctant to finance)
  • Tax incentives (financial incentives for leading-edge R&D or capital programmes that contribute to achieving national government or EU strategy)
  • Awards (recognize industry excellence)

Private Funding Instruments

360 Approach

  • Define Funding needs and ambitions
  • Find the most appropriate funding opportunities
  • Project Development
    • Proposal Preparation and Consulting
    • Negotiation with Grant Authorities
  • Project Management
    • Management, coordination and periodic progress and financial reporting
  • Training
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