Integrated software suite of crowd-based applications (SaaS model)


CrowdApps is an integrated software suite of crowd-based applications (SaaS model), providing a modular approach in crowdsourcing / crowdfunding initiatives.


See also the dedicated website of the service @


Advanced Platform for generating, discussing, evaluating ideas

Key Functionalities

  • For Users (internal or external)
    • Submit, share, comment and evaluate ideas and innovative proposals
    • View current status of proposed ideas
  • For Administrators
    • Create ideas/proposals campaigns
    • Collect data/statistics on the ideas/proposal submitted
    • Showcase total ideas collected (idea management system).
    • Set the status of the ideas/proposals submitted
    • Create e-reports per pillar of interest


Platform acting as an interactive citizens reporting system for monitoring problems, solutions, experiences and good practices in the urban environment.


Platform for offering donations, sponsorships and fundings as to support the development and the implementation of projects and collective or individual initiatives.


  • CrowdDonation Platform for the Municipality of Antiparos
  • CrowdDonation Platform for the Plegma NGO
  • CrowdDonation Platform for the g2red NGO

Platform for the Visualization of Key Metrics 

(OpenData, Transparency, Accountability)


Platform for Quality Evaluation

Example for the Hospitality Industry

Platform for the Hosting and Visualization of Open Data


Live Example

Open Data for the Municipality of Moschato-Tavros

Wireless Network Solutions


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