Listen, Learn, Re-design, Innovate


CrowdInnovation is a complete and fully customizable set of crowdsourced platforms, products and services, suitable for public/private sector organizations and NGOs, engaging all stakeholders (internally and externally) leading to innovation.


  • Utilize the “bottom-up approach” dynamics
  • Harness the spread knowledge and knowhow
  • Generate, evaluate and develop business ideas
  • Prevent organization from “unexpected situations” and obsolescence
  • Develop active and engaged stakeholders
  • Co-create the future

CrowdInnovation can have a horizontal effect on all traditional functions of an organizations, such as

  •  Marketing
    • Marketing Research / Customer Service
  • Sales
    • New Revenue Streams
  • R&D
    • Product Development
  • Operations
    • BPR (cost saving / efficiency models)
  • HR
    • Discover and nurture talent / Change Management
  • CSR
    • Target on high value efforts / Crowdfunding for CSR
  • Define Goals and Challenges
  • Discover Opportunities
  • Develop (New Products/Services/Procedures)
  • Demonstrate and Report findings

Each step in the Crowd Innovation Roadmap can and should  be crowdsourced, utilizing CrowdInnovation Toolkit’s Modules

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