Connect with creative & dynamic communities


CrowdHackathon | Innovating with OpenData is a crowd innovation event by Crowdpolicy, offering an interactive way for organizations to connect with creative and dynamic communities and key stakeholders. The goals of such initiatives are to:

  • Foster creative problem-solving
  • Mobilize dynamic local communities
  • Create an interactive link between organizations and young people
  • Enhance entrepreneurship
  • Promote innovation through the utilization of new technologies and open data
  • Contribute to the country’s national economy
  • Support the goals of the Lead Partner

Each Crowdhackathon has a theme that can be initiated by Crowdpolicy or in co-operation with the Lead Partner.


  • Financial Technology (FinTech)
  • Social Solidarity
  • Creative industries and culture
  • Health and fitness
  • Wearables and Internet of Things
  • Blue economy
  • Agriculture
  • e-Government and transparency
  • Tourism
  • Big data / Open Data
  • …any topic you can think of!


  • Computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers, analysts, consultants, project managers, marketing & communication experts, specialized professionals and in general anyone interested to actively contribute in the development of added value products or services


Open Data Providers

  • Both public and private sector organizations are invited to participate by providing their open data related to the topic
  • Participation submission
    • Up to 5 days before the event
  • Onboarding
  • Kick-off Presentation
  • Developing/Coding (Main Session)
    • Duration: 10 – 48 hours
  • Mentors Session
    • Fine tuning to teams’ concepts
    • Mentors have both technical and business background
  • Pitching
    • Teams present their MVP
  • Evaluation Process by the Committee
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Do something you are passionate about
  • Cultivate your soft skills such as teamwork and public speaking
  • Win an award (monetary or not)
  • Learn new things
  • Network with others
  • Get noticed by recruiters
  • Begin your entrepreneurial journey
  • …but above all Have fun
  • Collaborate with dynamic people in a fun and managed environment
  • Build an ecosystem of potential collaborators
  • Exploit organization’s open data
  • Utilize the results of the event, as everything produced in the event is openly and freely available
  • Find innovative solutions on specific issues
  • Cultivate an open innovation culture
  • Recruit talented people

360 Approach

  • Finalize Crowdhackathon’s Theme and Technical Specifications (in co-operation with the Lead Partner)
  • Technical support and provision of Open platforms
  • Event Organisation
    • Sponsors, materials, PR, digital marketing, invitations, ticket sales, fundraising, mentors, evaluation committee, training, participants onboarding etc
  • Stakeholders Management and Communication Strategy
    • Pre and post event
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