Add value to your CSR Initiatives


CrowdCSR is a new approach to traditional CSR inititatives, exploiting the dynamics of crowdsourcing methodologies and tools. The key goal of CrowdCSR is to engage internal & external stakeholders aiming to enhance:

  • Co-creation,
  • Scalability &
  • Results


CSR Definition (ISO 26000) The role of CrowdCSR
CSR (is the) responsibility of an organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment:



Facilitates a two-way communication with organization’s stakeholders, aiming to define their key CSR-related needs and requests, which are the cornerstones for further developing the CSR Strategy


  • through transparent and ethical behavior



Helps the organization become transparent through the cultivation of an “open” culture, both in terms of CSR goals and results achieved, showcasing its ethical behaviour to its stakeholders


  • that is consistent with sustainable development and the welfare of society



Helps the organization focus its CSR Strategy on sustainable initiatives, characterized for their creativity and scalability


  • takes into account the expectations of stakeholders



Increases the awareness and engagement of all relevant stakeholders, which eventually become organization’s ambassadors


  • is integrated throughout the organization.



Creates a horizontal effect of CSR activities, engaging all organization’s functions


Our Approach to CrowdCSR is divided into the following steps, each one of which can be supported by a series of Crowdsourced products and services:

  1. Identify Stakeholders Expectations
  2. Align expectations with Company’s Strategy &  Goals
  3. Validate with Stakeholders and finalize
  4. (Co-)Implement
  5. Report (even Real-Time)
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