OpenGov 2.0 for the Prefecture of Central Greece

Project @ a Glance

Customer: Prefecture of Central Greece
Location: Greece
Year Completed: 2016 (March)
Sector Public
Product/Service OpenGov, Open Data, CrowdApps


Central Greece Prefecture is one of the thirteen administrative prefectures of Greece. The prefecture occupies the eastern half of the traditional region of Central Greece, including the island of Euboea. To the south it borders the prefecture of Attica and the Peloponnese, to the west the prefecture of West Greece and to the north the prefectures of Thessaly and Epirus. Its capital city is Lamia.

Project Details

Smart Sterea (Smart Central Greece)” is an innovative initiative in terms of technology and policy, which changes radically the traditional relationship between the Local Authorities and the citizens, bodies and businesses. “Smart Sterea” initiative aspires to turn the Prefecture of Central Greece into a model Prefecture that breaks new ground and creates useful services for its citizens and businesses.

Crowdpolicy, a pioneering company in matters of open-participatory government and open data technologies, has designed, developed and implemented the strategy “Smart Sterea” for the Prefecture of Central Greece.

A key reference point of the upgraded online presence of the Prefecture of Central Greece is the platform Open DashΒoard through which each citizen, body or business has now real-time access to the expenditure, the revenue, the allocation of resources, the programs, the progress of projects and other categories of information. This is achieved through the comprehensible and effective visualization of essential public information that the Prefecture of Central Greece posts.

The data that is presented in the Open DashBoard results from individual platforms designed and implemented by Crowdpolicy, as well as from existing systems of the Prefecture of Central Greece. All of the services are supported by the following platforms:

  • The CrowdDeliberation Platform through which each citizen or body of the Prefecture can evaluate and check its authorities on their work and effectiveness, and they can propose additional actions and interventions as well.
  • The Open Budget Platform whichs allows access to the economic data and results of the Prefecture and each prefecture in real time.
  • The O-engine Platform which provides open data of the Prefecture of Central Greece in a machine-readable way so that it can be further used and utilized, thus strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship actions.

Furthermore, Crowdpolicy has developed an integrated plan for the promotion of Open Government at operational and technological level.

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