opendata tools to jump-start opendata efforts

This section is a list of ready-to-use solutions or tools that will help public agencies  and private sector to  jump-start their open efforts.

Database to API – Dynamically generate RESTful APIs from the contents of a database table. Provides JSON, XML, and HTML. Supports most popular databases. – Hosted

CSV to API – Dynamically generate RESTful APIs from static CSVs. Provides JSON, XML, and HTML. – Hosted

Spatial Search – A RESTful API that allows the user to query geographic entities by latitude and longitude, and extract data.

Kickstart – A WordPress plugin to help agencies kickstart their open data efforts by allowing citizens to browse existing datasets and vote for suggested priorities.

PDF Filler – PDF Filler is a RESTful service (API) to aid in the completion of existing PDF-based forms and empower web developers to use browser-based forms and modern web standards to facilitate the collection of information. – Hosted

Catalog Generator – Multi-format tool to generate and maintain catalog files. – HostedAlternative
A data.json validator can help you check compliance with the POD schema. – Hosted

Project Open Data Dashboard – A dashboard to check the status of /data and /data.json at each agency. This also includes a validator.

Data.json File Merger – Allows the easy combination of multiple data.json files from component agencies or bureaus into one combined file.

API Sandbox – Interactive API documentation systems.

CFPB Project Qu – The CFPB’s in-progress data publishing platform, created to serve public data sets.

HMDA Tools – Lightweight tools to make importing and analyzing Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data easier.

ESRI2Open – A tool which converts spatial and non-spatial data form ESRI only formats to the Open Data formats, CSV, JSON, or GeoJSON, making them more a part of the WWW ecology.

ckanext-datajson – A CKAN extension to generate catalog files.

DKAN – An open data portal modeled on CKAN. DKAN is a stand alone Drupal distribution that allows anyone to spin up an open data portal in minutes as well as two modules, DKAN Dataset and DKAN Datastore, that can be added to existing Drupal sites to add data portal functionality to an exist Drupal site.

DataVizWiz – A Drupal module that provides a fast way to get data vizualizations online.

Esri Geoportal Server – Open source catalog supporting ISO/FGDC/DC/… metadata with mapping to DCAT to support listings in addition to providing OGC CSWOAI-PMH andOpenSearch. Supports automated harvesting from other open catalog sources.

JSON-to-CSV Converter – A handy means of converting data.json files to a spreadsheet-friendly format. A similar tool can provide basic CSV-to-JSON functionality.

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