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Location Nicosia

Crowdpolicy Cyprus provides solutions based on digital tools, procedures and consultancy methods aiming to activate collaboration amongst individuals, organizations, companies. More precisely, Crowdpolicy Cyprus develops platforms for the Fintech sector and  for banks and  surrounding ecosystem  rapidly engage with the next generation innovators safely and securely. The Fintech related solutions of Crowdpolicy Cyprus can be summarised below.

It services and Fintech products frameworks:

  • OpenAPI portal productive: CrowdAPI, a suite of apis and management solution to seamlessly connect core banking and existing systems and services in order to implement regulation and new business solution.
  • OpenAPI portal sandbox:CrowdAPI to support community and prototyping prior to productive environment.
  • Bank bots: AI intelligent bots, supporting automated operations intranet / extranet using AI and NLP technologies customised and integrated for the banking sector.
  • Open F-innovation platform: Collaboration and online participatory platform to engage customers and co create new products and services for the banking and insurance sector.
  • Social crowdfunding:Donation crowdfunding platform to support CSR activities and match funding process.
  • Crowd investing: Equity – lend crowdfunding platform to support IPOs or small enterprises.
  • KYC as a service: A integrated service enabling banks and insurtechs to provide authorisation and authentication services to 3rd parties (Gov, SMEs, Retailers etc) creating new revenue models and added value services

Open innovation banking and Fintech consulting:

  • Community management & Activation: Marketing, social media engagement, call for actions, content curations, challenges.
  • Crowhackathon fintech: A 2 day innovation marathon tailor made for banks and financial / insurance companies.
  • Fintech accelerator program:A six month program to develop fintech startups and “entrepreneurship” activities.

Crowdpolicy cyprus has an integrated approach for open innovation services for Banks, fintechs, and inusrtechs  and the implementation of innovative applications based on the architecture of APIs and community activation processes. Crowdpolicy offers services in the framework of a revolutionary change introduced by regulations and policies (PSD2, eidas,open government international movement), and are applied into the European and global banking and fintech industry.

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