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Today the Diavgeia program (Transparency) celebrates 5 years since the inclusion of the first institutions in it. We are proud of having participated in the design and implementation of such a ground-breaking action for public transparency and accountability.

Diavgeia is the result of implementation of the most solid horizontal initiative for the reinforcement of open governance in the whole public sector of Greece.

The main network of public policy implementation for the Diavgeia program in Greece consists of approximately 30.000 publishers of administrative acts, 4.200 institutions and relevant Project Management Teams and 57.000 users. It is the largest network of individuals and collective entities that can be found in the Greek public sector. The approximately 15.000 acts that are uploaded on a daily basis reflect, in a particularly innovative way and with great accuracy, the everyday activities of each institution of the public sector and the extended public sector.

The success of the organisational model and coordination of the Diavgeia program is proved by its everyday consistent functioning, the obvious support it receives from citizens and the Media, its international promotion through the actions of the Open Government Partnership iniciative and other best practice actions in public administration. Furthermore, its success is proved by the use of the uploaded documents and data sets by academic post-graduate and doctorate students and
information technology specialists for the development of open data action plans, the mapping of economic data and in general, data from the everyday actions of public administration.

The new public policy for Open Data in the public sector, that has been recently formulated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administrative Reform by adopting Law 4305/2014, provides that the Project Management Teams of the Diavgeia program are the main bodies for the collection, registration and evaluation of documents, information and data of all public sector institutions. This provision ensures the reinforcement of the teams with new executives and their information and training on the new subject, and at the same time, it is perhaps the most solid institutional confirmation of the success of the decentralized system of operational, organisational and technical support which is composed of public administration executives!

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