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Each weekend is special, but the weekend of January 26-28 2018 is unique, as it will be the launch point for new InsurTech businesses. The event will focus on the creation of innovative applications (Minimum Viable Products – MVP) in the wider insurance sector (#insurtech).

Hackathon cy #Insurance is organized by Crowdpolicy technology and innovation company and KPMG, within the framework of the open innovation event hackathon.com.

KPMG in Cyprus is putting together a hackathon to develop and showcase new tech solutions within the insurance industry.

The Objectives of Hackathon cy #Insurance

  • Create preconditions of youth entrepreneurship: through competition, new groups or startup companies are born, which in the future contribute effectively to Cypriot – and why not -global economy
  • Utilize knowledge and expertise of programmers, new businesses, groups and executives, in order to create innovative applications
  • Design and promote novel applications and business models in the following domains:
    • Applications aiming to assist innovative entrepreneurship in the insurance sector – promotion of entrepreneurship and startups in the sector of #insurtech (e.g.: aggregators, p2p & on demand  insurance, marketplaces)
    • Innovation through the creation of new products and services – Insurance innovation through the use of emerging technologies and trends (e.g.: blockchain, crowdsourcing, chatbots, p2p insurance, Internet of things, big data analysis tools, API economy, robo advisors, open hardware etc.)
    • Applications, procedures and partnership models which boost enterprises’ services and infrastructure (#insurtech & digital transformation)
    • Applications promoting Social Innnovation and Social Solidarity.

Participation is free; there is a limited number of slots per role; participation is on a first come-first served basis.

Participation deadline: 12/1/2018

Benefits for Participants – Competitors

  • Acquiring skills that will help you correctly design and transform ideas that solve real-life problems into apps.
  • Preparation in time-pressure conditions with the guidance of mentors with significant market experience.
  • Networking of young developers and participants with experienced business executives, professionals of the insurance sector and entrepreneurs.
  • Comprehension of the overall business culture and ecosystem through the utilization of information from the insurance sector which holds a key position in the market.

Work with awesome people, win money and found your startup at the same time!

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For more information and registration please join our Facebook event or contact:

Ms Elena Ioannidou , +35722209106

Ms Aglaia Souliou, +302169002600


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