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Crowdpolicy implemented on behalf of Antiparos Municipality the donation platform (Crowdfunding).
We are delighted for the launch of the platform from the Municipality.
Below is the announcement of the Municipality:
We want to inform you about the launch of the Crowdfunding platform of our Municipality. Municipality Antiparos launches the donation platform in search of resources for a one modern garbage. Only if all contribute together, in the metro of our ability, we will very soon have a modern garbage truck at the service of our Municipality.

The initiative is especially important because it combines interventions in key areas in an applied austerity era where state assistance is shrinking and local agencies are invited to find new investment ways of searching and finding resources for actions. The implementation of the platform for a Municipality is a unique strategic opportunity to tangible benefits in the short and long term.

In summary, the benefits for the Municipality, the Citizens and Friends of Antiparos are:

  • Actions Funding which upgrade Antiparos at tourist, cultural, social and economic level
  • Pumping financing via Donations with modern, efficient manner and with international CrowdFunding methodologies, which are compatible with the Greek and European institutional framework
  • Creation of an open line of communication with the members, organizations, state and society
  • Develop participatory Process Decision Making
  • Coformulation Ideas, Proposals and Solutions
  • Active involvement of common objectives
  • Promoting Transparency and Accountability

The platform has the following features:

  • Donations are used primarily to fund charitable and philanthropic purposes or for art funding, government or public entities that perform a general interest task.
  • Investors-donor fund projects or efforts / actions of their choice for satisfying morality, free of charge or taking a non-monetary exchange that may be offered by each carrier, which can be a thank you note or a gift token / boost value.
  • Through the platform are published open calls for support for projects related to culture, infrastructure, projects and actions of civil society, etc.
  • The political initiative by the municipality in which it adopts and implements innovative technological mechanisms for attracting donations to it through collective financing.

The platform is accessible to the link  http://funding.crowdapps.net/antiparos

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