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botakis will be on Saturday, March 11 at 12:00 a.m. in i-bank store at The Mall Athens. (Https://her.is/2lwgsHd)

Through an interactive presentation you will learn all about the new applications, the chatbots and how you can make your own bot in 5 minutes with botakis network https://botakis.net/

botakis is a chatbot, in other words a program , that simulates a natural conversation with people over the internet and specifically – for now – through the Facebook Messenger. The chatbots aim to service users and more specifically can book a hotel, order a meal, buy your ferry or plane ticket, check in for a flight, tell you the weather, find your table in a restaurant, tell you the news and more useful. Imagine being able to make a flight reservation with a simple message in an airline and pay with a simple process. It seems that they can replace the telephone call, the fax, email and visiting a website. Amazing ?

Obviously, chatbots will change the way we use our smartphone. Instead of opening up many different applications or websites, with a small order, we will be able to perform everything you want via the Facebook Messenger. So gradually chatbots expected to replace applications in mobile and why not websites. And as many mobiles have the ability to speak and write the message, in practice we will be talking to botakis and he will serve us!

Chatbots could also become an important tool for small local businesses, many of which lack the resources to build standalone applications or websites. Chatbots could help them to have a stronger web presence and be more accessible to a larger audience by providing information or making sales. Our country has many businesses and professionals, in which chatbots could help, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, lawyers, doctors and so on. There are many interesting business cases which will see very soon be implemented.

Imagine doing in this way some shopping, banking movements, serve you as a customer, ordering food, exchanging money, the donation for a charitable purpose, to buy and sell shares. Chatbots are applications that live on the user’s Messenger and are developed and selfimproved thereby becoming more accurate and “smart”. So they understand better and will make your work directly.

botakis is the system of implementation of chatbots of  Crowdpolicy. For now you can talk with him to see how he can work on request and invitation (invite only), as is currently running a trial version. Soon, botakis will work for businesses and professionals and will be able to serve their users and customers for a wide range of activities.

Crowdpolicy is the first company in Greece that has botakis for immediate application and use by anyone. We believe that chatbots will largely replace other forms of user interaction with organizations such as apps, web site, mobile site, phone, sms etc., and is the subject of a key business area of Crowdpolicy.

Talk to botakis in www.botakis.com. Tell him “Hello”.

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